Different Energy Solutions

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Energy Solutions Jonathan Facelli puts nuclear power wind, and hydropower in the self-sufficient forms of energy. These forms of energy can be put in the same category for self-sufficiency, but do not need to be in the same category when it comes to safety and productivity. I would separate Nuclear power from wind and hydropower because of how much energy a nuclear power plant can create. Of the three nuclear creates the most energy but also creates the most health hazards to the workers, hazardous waste and can be very harmful to the environment. I would put wind and hydropower in the same category because of its natural state, and because it is much cleaner and safer to harness. I completely agree with how Facelli categorizes these technologies because they are all ways that we as a nation can become one hundred percent self-sufficient of energy. In the article by Facelli he suggests that we as a nation should implement a pedaling system in our schools and business place to crank up energy and solve our energy crisis. I agree that adding a pedaling system to our everyday lives would solve multiple issues in this country the only problem with it is the expense that it would cost and getting people to actually go along with it. Americans have a tendency to do whatever they want that is most comforting to them, and so even though incorporating a pedaling system would solve issues like, obesity, energy crisis, not having enough time to work out, a lot of people will still not
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