Different Exercises With The First Exercise

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Now that you 've written down the perfect goal it 's time to really get into the mix here and start implementing that goal firmly within your mind. You want to merge your goal and make it part if you and there 's two great mental exercises I 'm going to teach you in this article on how to do that step-by-step.

This is going to be structured into two exercises with the first exercise having two parts. You will alternate between these two exercises every other day. The first exercise you will do on day one, the second exercise you will do on day two, and then one day three comes along you 'll go back to doing exercise one again and so on.

These exercises are extremely simple and will only take a few minutes per day. The key thing here is to remember the second principle of the three principles I talked about earlier — consistency. This ritual will only work if you do it every single day.

What we are going to want to do first is find a quiet place. Find a spot to sit upright or lean back in the chair, it should be comfy but not so much that you will fall asleep. We want to be relaxed when we go into this ritual. It opens your mind and makes it more receptive to ideas and thoughts.

The more that you can make your setting peaceful and relaxing the better.

Exercise One: Step 1

Appreciation. Once again take out a piece of paper and write down your goal. Next, spend 3 to 5 minutes thinking about the positive things in your life right now. Try to find 5 or 6 things that stand…
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