Different Factors Affect The Communication Between Men And Women

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Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. This is an infamous saying we are all very familiar with, which denotes the wide array of differences between men and women. These differences can cause major conflict in communication between sexes. Personal beliefs, feelings, intimacy, independence, conflicts, compromises, and so on, have a major impact on how we communicate with the opposite sex. Therefore, different perspectives are formulated.

There are many different factors that can effect communication between men and women. One factor that can greatly affect the communication is the style itself. Men have been known to have a more independent style of communication while the women’s style is more intimate. The directness and straightforwardness of men’s communication is the essence of that independence. This communication is seen as independent because the man is more concerned with getting his point across than how the woman feels about the point itself. When a women communicates they are much more concerned with how they are making their partner feel. Women want to remain intimate and close therefore they do not want negative communication to come between that. Therefore, when communicating women can be indirect with their thoughts and feelings to protect the intimacy.

The difference in how men and women are raised creates differences in their communication style. Young boys are taught not to cry, be tough and strong, and tell people exactly how they feel. Also, not to

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