Different Factors That Affect The Health And Wellbeing Of Its Residents

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In order for a nurse to adapt and provide suitable care to their clients, they must understand the characteristics of the area in which their clients are living. Factors such as employment rates, general health of the population and age distribution can be a useful source of information for nurses. It gives them a clearer idea of the kind of care that they should expect to be giving local people and the health concerns that they may be dealing with. In this essay a small town in the Perth and Kinross area of Scotland will be analysed along with different factors that may have an impact on the health and wellbeing of its residents. (114) Description of the town Crieff is a small country town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It is roughly…show more content…
There are also a few restaurants for tourists and residents of the town to enjoy. As the nearest city is 18 miles west, it is an advantage for the people that live in Crieff to also have access to a small local hospital as well as a medical centre. Local services such as a fire station and a police station are also available in the town. (212) Key information about Crieff The average age of the inhabitants of Crieff is 40 for males and 44 for females. This is only every so slightly higher than the Scottish average, which is 37 for males and 39 for females. Although the majority of the population of the town are considered to be mature adults, according to the average age, 20.17% of the residents of the town are under the age of 16, with 5.09% of that being children under the age of 4. With many varying ages and types of accommodation, it is easy to make the assumption that Crieff is a quiet, suitable and affordable town for the elderly, working couples and families. The general health of Crieff appears to be relatively good, sitting at just over 70% - slightly higher than the country’s average (almost 68%.) As for the poorer health, 8.22% of the population of Crieff are considered to be below average health. This differs slightly from the Scottish average, as it is almost 2% lower than the rest of the country which is a notable piece of information as there is a higher percentage of pensioners
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