Different Family Configurations and the Effects It Has on Children

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Different Family Configurations and the Effects It Has On Children

Lashonda S Turner

PSE 6653 Educational Evaluation

Troy University


This paper will explore the different types of family configurations and the effects that they have on children. Particularly this paper will address how these family configurations affect a child academic achievement, behavior and social growth. The paper will also describe the positive and negative effects each family configuration have on children as well as the causes for such issues that children may encounter.

Different Family Configurations and the Effects It Has On Children

Throughout the pass century the configuration of families
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Students being raised in this type of family also are more likely to be suspended or expelled from school (Carlson, 2006). “Children raised in single-mother families produced by divorce have significantly lower odds of entering and graduating from college, a lower average occupational status, and a lower average of happiness in adulthood. Studies show that students living in father absent homes perform worse academically than those living in father present homes. Researchers found that children perform better in math when the father is present (Cho, Lee, & Kuchner, 2007). When a father is present in the home researcher Carlson (2006) suggested that a child is less likely to experience depression and anxiety. Because the family structure has adjusted greatly over the years children are more likely to live in a “non traditional” family in some point of their lives. Although researchers have found that at some point children will live with a single parent, there are still a large number of children being raised in two-parent families. One of the major issues single parent families face are income. Children living in single parent homes typically live below the poverty line. Because there is only one parent in the home working and may be attempting to provide for two to four children all the needs of these children are not meet. In today’s society, single
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