Different Forms Of Entertainment For Many Different Types Of People

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There are many forms of entertainment for many different types of people. The two forms of entertainment that I would like to discuss are books and movies, both of which I love. Though both of these subjects have their differences, they also have similarities. Some of which we do not even think about. The purpose of this essay is not to persuade anyone to like books better than movies or visa versa, (even though my heart belongs to books) but to simply tell about their similarities and differences. A woman opens the door and walks into the lobby. Maybe she is with her boyfriend, maybe with a group of friends, instead. She smells that wonderful smell of buttered popcorn; she hears the murmurs of people as they discuss upcoming films. She then enters through another door and takes her seat. She starts getting that anxious feeling that is so commonly received as the lights dim and people prepares themselves for what is about to come. So, where do you suppose she is? That is right: the movie theater. Movies are one of the top forms of entertainment; number eight, to be exact (according to www.toptentop.com). What exactly causes movies to differ from books? Well, let us take a look at the most obvious: a movie is seen on a screen. Whether that is the screen of a computer, television, or projector screens. This leads me to my second point. Because a movie is played on a screen, the viewer does not have to imagine what is going on in a scene; the directors and producers have

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