Different Forms Of Impression Management

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I analyzed Facebook postings from a person B, who is my friend. I found the following theme on her Facebook which there were three pictures of the person B with her boyfriend, one when they were hugging each other and facing to the beach. The other two when they were eating in the restaurants. There were also a lot of pictures of food the person was eating, the place she was hanging out with her family and friends. I also found two images when she stayed at home. Besides that, there were four selfie photos when she was getting ready to go out. She called that were the check in pictures. In much the same way as Goffman described life as a play; it called “Dramaturgy”, people are learning to perform their self in everyday life. Erving Goffman defines dramaturgy, “in which social life is analyzed in term of drama or the stage;” (115). Social media allows people to use different forms of impression management. According to Henslin defines impression management, “People’s efforts to control the impressions that others receive of them.” (115) In my analysis of person B’s Facebook posts I noticed several trends. In the four photos that were selfies I noticed some particular facial expressions, one of Goffman’s sign vehicles. In the four selfies I analyzed, the person was smiling as her facial expression. I believe that the reason she makes this face is to give the impression that she was happy, and make the others who checked her pictures feel happy and think of her as a friendly
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