Different Forms of Love in "Romeo and Juliet"

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In the early stages of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare conveys love in many different ways. Love is shown as being imperfect, such as bawdy love, unrequited love and fatherly and maternal love, this contrasts greatly to Romeo and Juliet’s pure, perfect and requited love, and makes it seem all the more true before it is shown to be deadly.

At the very beginning of act1 scene 1, bawdy love is shown by two lower class characters, Sampson and Gregory, who don’t think of women as equal but think of love in a purely sexual way, this is shown when they say “therefore women being the weaker vessels are ever thrust to the wall.” This shows that they feel that because they are stronger than women, they have more power over them and so the woman can
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This shows how something imperfect, like bawdiness, can nevertheless be mixed with a more pure type of love such as the maternal love, shown by the nurse.

At the outset, when Capulet is talking about marriage proposals to Paris, he shows his fatherly love and concern for his daughter and her happiness. He doesn’t want to marry her off too early, or force her to marry someone that she doesn’t like. He conveys this by saying, “Earth hath swallowed all my hoped but she… woo her gentle Paris, and her consent is but a part.” This shows that Capulet cares about Juliet because she is the only hope that he has left. He tells Paris to “woo her gently” and not to push, or pressurise Juliet into marrying him, this shows his concern about her. In addition to that, Capulet tells Paris that Juliet’s “consent is but a part” which shows his consideration and trust in Juliet, that she is allowed to have her say in the marriage and that he trusts her to choose the right husband. He also doesn’t want her to marry at such a young age; this is made clear when he says “let two more summers wither in their pride
Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.” By saying this, it is clear how much Capulet cherishes Juliet. He is risking a rich suitor, to let Juliet become more mature before she marries. By speaking in prose Shakespeare shows Capulet’s class and authority, nevertheless, it also shows the sincerity of his love for Juliet. However the nurse also shows the love of a parent, she
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