Different Hypothesis that Variation in Homelessness

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In this article, Jennifer Mosley and Colleen Grogan, professors at The University of Chicago, concludes that the more public participation in administrative decision making in different urban areas is an important target in majority of public organizations. The author states that many public agencies develop different strategies on who should be able to participate in open decision making. The strategies determined how they will prevent different type of biases. Often leaders of the nonprofit organizations are asked to serve as representatives of the community in a variety of participatory processes. They came up with something called mixed-methods. Mixed-methods are used in order to address whether residents believe nonprofit…show more content…
In this article, Shelia Shanker, a CPA and MBA of California, talks about the importance of policies and procedures of different nonprofit organizations. It states that policies and procedures are very essential tools as they define roles of the organizations, permits the managers to lead employees and controls performances. It also states that the employees play an important role in the expansion of policies on which nonprofits work and also discusses how to write the different policies. Policies and procedures, also known as P&P’s are valuable management utensils. According to the author, P&P’s describes roles and restrictions, authorizing the managers to guide operations without continuous intervention. Policies are a course or proposition of action adopted or proposed by a government, business, party or individual reflecting your organizations goals. Procedures provide specific answers to questions such as who, what, when, where, why, and how. According to Shelia, in the article it states that procedures change more frequently than policies. In order for these strategies to work, the employees as well as the managers must work together and be behind each other to see the organization and its mission. William Tucker’s article, How housing regulations cause homelessness, argues that the situations of homelessness in the 1980s has puzzled liberals and conservatives. According to the author, homelessness
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