Different Ideas Extracted from the Story, Beowulf

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It envelopes lineage which was crucial in the Anglo-Saxon period. It also envelopes kennings, litotes, and alliteration which was crucial to the formatting of the story. Most importantly it involves various themes. These themes include loyalty, generosity, reputation, and revenge. Themes are a vital part of a story and Beowulf in particular involves many. Loyalty is an extremely important trait one could have. It involves trust, courage, and willpower. Beowulf sets off to the Danes land and vividly displays his loyalty by fighting off Grendel even when he is against major odds. After a short time the King of the Geats, Hygelac is killed and Beowulf returns to pay homage to his home land and to his uncle. After this Grendel's mother get involved and Beowulf returns to the Danes yet again to rid of yet another terrorizing attacker. In the end his loyalty pays off. When the elderly Beowulf goes to fight a dragon he is determined to fight the dragon alone but brings with him eleven men that promised their lives to him. When the men see that Beowulf starts to lose the fight all but one ran to the forrest to hide. Wiglaf stays loyal and helps Beowulf and in the end Wiglaf is rewarded. Just as well as loyalty in Beowulf, generosity is also a very apparent theme. In one way generosity is shown by King Hrothgar. In this time the king was given all wealth and in return he distributed land, swords and objects to…
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