Different Ideologies And Regimes Have On Business

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Some theorists suggest that it is not the nature of the political framework of a country that determines its economic success, but the type of policies implemented and their astuteness. This essay will analyse what affect different ideologies and regimes have on business. In all circumstances, business and politics are heavily interdependent. The government is not only a large customer of the private sector and a tax collector but it also lays down the legal framework in which businesses operate, regulations, or lack thereof, can either impede business or allow it to flourish, creating jobs, wealth and opportunity for society. As a result, the regime of a country and the political party in power and what kind of views it holds in relation to specific regulations can have a massive impact on how successful business subsequently becomes. Some suggest that democracy is the most favourable environment for business to thrive; this is the main focus of the essay. Furthermore it examines certain governments which may be too involved in business as well as the opposing argument that it doesn’t have enough control over businesses and the idea that business is in fact too influential within politics.

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Globally, politics works from a few main ideologies. Many of the ruling styles and regimes suggested by Plato have faded away however, the surviving regimes today can be identified as Democracy, Authoritarian and Totalitarianism.
The 20th January 2015 marked the
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