Different Interpretations Of The Scarlet Letter

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Different Interpretations of The Scarlet Letter Symbolism is everywhere around us in our daily lives, even if you don’t notice it right away. Traffic signs, company names, and even colors can all be examples of symbolism. Dr. Stephanie Carrez’ article, Symbol and Interpretation, focuses on and interprets the different types of symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter. Focusing mainly on the characters Hester and Pearl, Carrez’ article brings symbolism to a new light as she interprets her thoughts. Carrez’ article shows that symbolism, allegories, and the different possibilities for interpretation play a vital role in analyzing the novel’s worth by using Pearl and Hester as the main examples for the used literary…show more content…
Towards her mother, too, Pearl 's errand as a messenger of anguish was all fulfilled,” (Hawthorne). I believe that the symbolism in this quote is exceptional since it is talking about the “spell” that Pearl has broken after kissing her father. When Pearl was born, she was known as the physical embodiment of Hester Prynne and Mr. Dimmesdale’s sin. She didn’t show much emotion and didn’t appreciate her father’s presence, or didn’t know how to, until he was gone. When Pearl kisses Dimmesdale, it is almost as if she has broken a spell and can now be her own person. Before, she was almost “trapped”. She didn’t show her own emotions and didn’t appreciate what a child normally might. I think when Pearl kissed Dimmesdale she realized what she had been missing and started to finally realize that she was about to lose a very important person in her life. Above all, Pearl is shown as a symbol in this novel by representing that she is a physical example of sin. Carrez also uses examples of allegory in her article to explain the importance of the novel. Allegory is a more complex version of symbolism; however, allegory represents one thought, whereas symbolism is a wide spectrum of objects having different meanings than what they physically mean. Allegory is a story using symbolism, where symbolism is the
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