Different Issues Relating to Health Care

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One of the challenges of global healthcare is the fact that it involves a plethora of countries that have disparate approaches to implementing healthcare systems. These differences help to account for a number of disparities that are explored within Sarah Baldwin's journal article, "Healthcare systems around the world". Despite the number of differences that exist within healthcare systems, the basic needs of people living throughout the world as related to health are the same people require access to competent care to keep them healthy. This document elucidates the degree of efficacy individual countries have in fulfilling this objective. The specific global health issue that this document explores is the belief that health problems are only existent in countries that are underdeveloped. The author readily disproves this notion by uncovering the varying problems and points of improvement in healthcare systems from 17 different countries, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and which require different solutions. Although there is no consensus opinion regarding the remedies for such a multitude of issues, it is significant to realize that the opportunities for the most improvement can be stratified according to either political or economic changes (Baldwin, 2001, p. 1). Such changes, of course, are not easily implemented and are central to the very identity of a country. However, as the author strongly implies, the notion of healthcare is nothing less than one of

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