Different Jobs A Medical Assistant

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There are three different jobs a medical assistant may choose from. They are: Administrative Medical Assistant, Specialized Medical Assistant, and Clinical Medical Assistant. An Administrative Medical Assistant is medical assistants who mostly perform administrative tasks such as assisting patients with filling out insurance forms, managing patient records, making appointments, answering phones, maintaining the front desk and reception areas, and performing general accounting and billing. When it comes to Specialized Medical Assistant it all depends on their job setting and they perform specialized clinical tasks. Last but not least, Clinical Medical Assistant focuses on patient care such as recording vital signs when interacting with patients, administering medications under direction of a supervising physician, conducting assignments, and performing other clinical tasks.
There are different steps that could be taken to become a Medical Assistant. You could either receive a certificate or an Associates. Associate just takes more training and or school time then the other. A certificate in Medical Assisting takes about 9 to 12 months long, while an Associate’s degree takes about 24 months long. When choosing the program its best to weigh out your options. For example the Medical assisting certificate program generally takes about one year in length or less. Medical Assistant salaries vary, depending on your location, your specialization, and as well as experience. For an…

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