Different Journeys Of A New York City

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Two Different Journeys With so much to see in the world, it is hard to decide between two places to go. Some people choose large cities. Some people choose the intimate solace of nature. Some go to explore the history of our ancestors. Some go to feel adrenaline and excitement. Some go for people, family, and culture. So the question is brought to me every time I feel my wandering spirit long for a new adventure, “Where do I want to go?” With such a diverse planet, it is easy for me to find something I wish to see. The only issue is that I have to choose based on circumstances, budget, and safety. After much internal debate, I decided on two separate destinations. With a budget of three thousand dollars, I have to choose between a trip to New York City or a train ride from Chicago to Seattle. New York City, The Big Apple, houses millions of diverse people from different backgrounds. I have a close cousin named Carrie who lives in New York. I could stay with her. She could provide direction and comfort. I would enjoy her company. If I were to go, it would be around December. Christmastime in New York City is full of a lot of holiday spirit. I think I would like to go to Rockefeller Center to see the enormous Christmas tree. I want to stand under the twinkling lights. Afterwards, I think I would head towards Winter Village, which is right next to Rockefeller Center. Winter Village is a shopping center consisting of local vendors. People sell all kinds of merchandise…

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