Different Journeys Of A New York City

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Two Different Journeys With so much to see in the world, it is hard to decide between two places to go. Some people choose large cities. Some people choose the intimate solace of nature. Some go to explore the history of our ancestors. Some go to feel adrenaline and excitement. Some go for people, family, and culture. So the question is brought to me every time I feel my wandering spirit long for a new adventure, “Where do I want to go?” With such a diverse planet, it is easy for me to find something I wish to see. The only issue is that I have to choose based on circumstances, budget, and safety. After much internal debate, I decided on two separate destinations. With a budget of three thousand dollars, I have to choose between a trip…show more content…
At this time, I would be able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done. I think a lot of my family and friend would like things Winter Village has to offer. When I have finished touring all of the things Winter Village and Rockefeller center has to offer, I will go to Central Park. Central is one of New York’s crown jewels. Central Park is a must. I want to do something extremely cliché. I want to ride a carriage. through the park. Snowy grounds, classic atmosphere, and the traditionalism make this activity too irresistible to ignore. I think I would like New York because I like Christmas, family, and variety. My other option is also extremely tempting. I might want to hop aboard that train. The Glacier National Park Escape starts in Chicago and goes to Seattle. Overall, Chicago is more like a first stop rather than a destination. In Chicago, I will probably visit an art museum, but that is probably it. In this particular vacation, the joy is in the journey. The thing I am really excited about is the luxury train. Once aboard, I will get to witness incredible nature with my own eyes. I will see lakes, mountains, and forests. Bright greens will swirl past me. Towering mountain tops will blanket my fellow passengers with a long casted shadow. We will stop at Glacier National Park. I desperately want to hike the trails I have never traveled on before. When the spinning wheels come to the final stop, I will have arrived in Seattle, WA. Seattle, a
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