Different Kinds Of Physical Therapists

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Do you know how many different kinds of Physical therapists there are? Well there are seven. These seven include the following: Physical Therapist, Staff Physical Therapist, Home Care Physical Therapist, Outpatient Physical Therapist, Pediatric Physical Therapist, Registered Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Services Director. A Pediatric Physical therapist or also known as PTs, work on the rehabilitation of children. They work with people from the age of 18 all the way down to infants. Pediatric PTs help with diagnosing kids who have health problems such as illness and injuries that affect their everyday physical activities.They work with people who have the following illness and injuries: Back and neck injuries, burns, arthritis, sprains, strains, fractures, M.S., strokes, injuries related to work and sports, and even birth conditions including cerebral palsy. Pediatric PTs usually work in private offices, clinics, hospitals,and sometimes even schools. A Pediatric Physical Therapist is able to evaluate a patient to help create a treatment plan to help him/her deal with reducing pain, keep from becoming disabled, and to help regain function. If you are interested in becoming a physical therapist of any kind, you have to receive your master 's degree. Before you can gain your masters in physical therapy, you must to be accepted into a physical therapy program. To be accepted into this program, you must obtain an undergraduate baccalaureate accredited degree. Some…
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