Different Kinds Of Punishments And The Corrections System Essay

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In Chapter 10 “Corrections”, it went over the history, different kinds of punishments, how it affected the inmates, and how the corrections system is now and how different it has changed since the first penitentiary. Being in prison has always been an act of punishment and gives time to the inmate to reflect their actions. Prison isn’t a place to relax and enjoy oneself, an inmate needs to do work or will suffer the consequences. We will look more into the different kinds of systems and how we got to where our system is at today. When it’s looked over at a glance it’s seen that hard punishment was one of the most dominant ways to handle an inmate. When penitentiaries were first looked at it was during the Enlightenment era. During this time, philosophers and reformers were rethinking of the way inmates were punished and that the methods of punishment would actually affect the inmate. Before this time, the European style of punishment was the dominant method used. They primarily used physical punishment like beating, branding, flogging, and any other way to torture an inmate. After viewing how this is the wrong way to deal with inmates the Penitentiary Act of 1779 was passed by Parliament. “This act was based on four principles: 1.) Secure and sanitary building, 2.) Inspection to make sure inmates were following rules, 3.) Terminating cost of food for offenders, and 4.) Reformatory regime” (Cole & Smith, p. 295). This act leads to the reform in the United States. There were

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