Different Languages And Dialects That The People And Local Citizens Use Essay

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In Peru, there are many different languages and dialects that the people and local citizens use. Although the official language of Peru is Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are other languages that the people use. Like many countries with a mixture of citizens, Peru is no different when it comes to different dialects and sounds of its native language. In the northern part of the country, you may find that some words that are differently pronounced but still have the same meaning as they do in other parts of the country.
Peru, a small country located on the western coast of South America that borders the South Pacific Ocean, was the center of many ancient civilizations, most notably the Incas who 's empire and wealth was captured by Spanish in the early 1500 's during the Spanish exploration of South America. After the Spanish took control of the country, they began to kill most of the Inca rulers. However, the biggest killer that the Spanish brought to the Incas was not any type of weapon; it was the many diseases and illnesses that the Incas were not immune to. Many Incas moved into the mountains located in Peru but by 1572, the Spanish had killed the last Inca ruler Tupac Amaru along with his family. In 1569, Spanish colonial administrator Francisco de Toledo arrived in the country and instilled a very harsh system of government. The methods that he instilled consisted of a government with Spanish officials ruling through Native Americans who dealt directly with the local
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