Different Learning Styles of Sophomore Nursing Students of Sbc

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Introduction Learning varies on each and everyone. Individuals can perceive and process information in different kinds of ways, which implies that the degree to which individuals learn has as much as to do with whether the learning experience is geared to their style of learning. Some of the individuals learn and develop easily in the early stage, while others are not. For some time now educational research exploring the issue of academic achievement or success has extended beyond simple issues of intelligence and prior academic achievement. One concept in particular which has provided some valuable insights into learning both academic and other settings is learning style. There is
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All of us have the capacity to learn in all four modes. You naturally gravitate to one over the others based on which style has led to your greatest learning successes.

Background of the Study People are not alike; the world is seen in a way that makes the most sense to each individual. Since two persons are not basically alike, not all benefits from the same approach. Each individual has his or her own unique learning strengths and weaknesses. Thus, educators must use a variety of method to reach the students. This research study has brought together academic study (knowing), personal growth (being) and practical experience (doing). In choosing the research topic, the researchers observed the different setting inside the classroom – the environment inside the classroom and how the students cope during lectures. At the outset it seemed that the members had different issues and interests. As the concerns were discussed and personal experiences were shared, the research group seemingly integrated each other’s thinking and move toward a consensus. Brainstorming was used to help the group decide on which topic to research on as a number of suggestions were narrowed down to the most appropriate choice. The sharing of ideas made all of the researchers more aware of the complexities of the problem. And this has led them to the issue on the different learning styles of students.

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