Different Levels of Civilization in the Odyssey Essay example

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If we compare the three different places, Phaeacia, Cyclops' island and Ithaca in Homer's The Odyssey, we can claim that these islands are quite different from one another both in terms of their nature and the inhabitants' way of living. Phaeacians, for many apparent reasons, is the most civilized society and they have best kind of nature and wealth. People of Ithaca follow Phaeacians with slight differences and Cyclops comes last in the sorting because of being completely uncivilized. The garden of Phaeacia is insanely wealthy. The land is so fertile that all kinds of fruits are abundant in the garden.."..Olives swelling sleek and dark/ And the yield of all these trees will never flag or die/ neither in winter nor in summer, a…show more content…
"And you yourself, sitting among the princes, debating points at your council..." (Homer, 170) It illustrates that they have meeting place, ruling body to debate issues. Women's role in that society is another verification of their modernity. Women are more self-determining and dynamic in Phaeacian culture. They have their proper share in the way of civilization; they are weaving all the time because there is no other way of getting clothing. And their king, Alcinous, is quite broadminded because he let his daughter go far away to wash clothing with other girls (170) and he says, " I am hardly a man for reckless, idle anger. / Balance is best in all things"(Homer, 189) when he learns his daughter and Odysseus have met before but they've decided to come to the city separately lest there may be rumors. Their queen, Arete, is highly honorable and she is the dominant one in ruling. Nausicaa, the daughter of the queen tells Odysseus, " If only the queen will take you to her heart, / then there is hope that you will see your loved ones, <em>reach your own grand house, your native land at last (Homer, 178). Additionally, Phaeacians give importance to cleanliness, which is one of the indispensable requirements of civilization. They wash their clothes and bathe regularly. Moreover, Phaeacians are pious people. That's to say they know the rules of Gods and obey them respectfully. They make proper sacrifices to Gods to appease their anger and
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