Different Meanings And Meanings Of The Religion Of Hinduism

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The four terms Braham, Karma, Moksha and Atman are key terms in the religion of Hinduism each with different meanings and contributions to the understanding and following of the Hindu faith.

To begin with Braham can’t exactly be defined. It is believed to be the truth and reality, Hindus believe that Brahman is the one supreme being; Brahman is absolute and formless and is the universe. Brahman is not a ‘God’ as such but is more like a spirit which is everywhere from India to your cutlery draw at home. Brahman is the unchanging reality among and beyond our world, it upholds and supports everything. Some Hindus relate this power to Atman (themselves) while others disagree.

The dictionary defines karma as destiny
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Moksha is defined as the fourth Artha and is the highest of all Artha’s, you can achieve Moksha during this life, or after death and it is the most highly regarded goal in Hinduism. A useful analogy of Moksha is by viewing your soul as a green bird which rests in a green tree. We are the bird and the tree is the supreme god, when you land into the tree Moksha is achieved, you are just like the supreme god, no longer ignorant and desiring anything, but still your own person. It is the unification of man and God.

Atman is defined as eternal self; it is basically your natural soul without egos and falseness, and underlies our true existence. Atman is the idea of exposing yourself as a spiritual being rather than a material being, so in reality you could say that you are a spiritual being (Atman) having a human experience rather than the opposite. Atman is present in every living thing from us humans to the little flower in the back of your garden, it is everlasting, and from a human point of view your body is a house for the atman to dwell in.

Importance of the above terms
Following on the importance of Moksha, Brahman, Karma and Atman are as follows. To begin with Moksha is significant to Hindu’s as it is the release from the cycle of death and rebirth, and sets them free from all the pain and suffering experience in this world. It is a significant concept to them as it is one of their main goals. Brahman is significant
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