Different Methodologies For Testing Web Application Testing

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The main objective of testing is to find whether a particular system or component works as per the specified requirements or not. Software testing is a process that runs throughout Software Development Life Cycle with the intent of finding any errors, missing requirements or any other gaps in the application software. We have websites in various domains which have millions of users accessing the site on daily basis to accomplish their business or personal needs. To ensure that the web application satisfies every user’s needs and works as expected, it must be thoroughly tested before its implementation. There are different techniques and methodologies involved in testing a web application. In this paper I would like to provide an overview on different methodologies for testing Web applications.

Web Application Testing Methodologies
The aim of testing is to find whether the actual and intended behaviors of a system differ or remain same as the expected behavior according to the given specifications (Utting, Pretschner, & Legeard, 2006). In my view, the primary goal of software testing is to find software failures, so that the failures can be uncovered and corrected. A web application is the main connection between the customers and vendors, so it is really important that we maintain the website up and running all the times. According to Samaroo, Allott, & Hambling (1999), “A successful web application can be summarized to as being: usable,…
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