Different Methodologies Used by Programming Teams

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Running Head: APPROACHES IN PROGRAMMING TEAMS Abstract This essay involves the comparison and contrast of the different methodologies used by programming teams. Among these methodologies are; System development life cycle (SDLC), Extreme programming and Agile methodology. Software development methodologies are the frameworks involved to structure, plan and control the processes used in developing an information system. The system development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model which is involved in most project management and used for large scale projects with relatively large number of developers. A good example of SDCL methodologies includes; waterfall model. The SDCL takes a lot of time to produce complete products but of high quality. Agile methodology is a conceptual framework used also in project management and it is designed for small projects with few developers. Extreme programming on the other hand allow for communication with customers and by doing so it ensures interaction between developers and consumers in order to change as fast as the customers' needs and desires changes. Even though there different methodologies, agile methodologies seem to have a lot of advantages over the Extreme programming and system development life cycle. Since it combines a number of other methodologies to come up with a better way for developer to produce faster and change to as customers desires changes. Introduction A group of methodologies are used to come up with project
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