Different Methods For Harmonic Distortion

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Different detection methods for harmonic distortion already exist, but the following shortage make them did not reflect fully the influence of harmonic on distribution system [4]: Don’t consider the progressive effect of harmonic current on the energy dissipation in distribution system. Don’t distinguish the direction of harmonic distortion. Does the customer with nonlinear Loads pollutes the distribution system or the utility background harmonic pollutes the customer with linear loads?
Harmonics represents a financial lamb to customers who do not generate them, so the harmonic distortion penalty should be inclusive in a utility’s rate structure.
In the present, the tariff of the electrical energy is based on the traditional concepts of active, reactive, and apparent power, and related power factor. These concepts are well defined for sinusoidal conditions. Unfortunately, in non sinusoidal conditions, these traditional definitions of power component are not reliable anymore.
The paper concerns with this matter, and aims towards the development of an adequate method dealing with the possibility of determining the responsibility of the harmonic distortion through billing quantities . The authors have presented some research that established the idea of this paper, as follows: The definitions of power components under non sinusoidal conditions in Ref. [2], which include some parameters for the correct attribution of responsibility between customers and
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