Different Methods Of Influence By Amy Schumer And Ellen Degeneres

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Amy Schumer and Ellen Degeneres: Different Methods of Influence
Historically, media figures play a large role in social awareness. Amy Schumer and Ellen
Degeneres are both influential figures in gender equality and gay rights, respectively. Whereas
Schumer pushes her agenda by being controversial and pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, Degeneres does so via being unintimidating. Each is extremely effective, but Schumer pushes the envelope and Degeneres acts amiable so people are more likely to accept her and gay rights. The social landscape of the time was drastically influenced by Degeneres coming out as lesbian, and later by Schumer’s application of sex humor. Degeneres brought attention to the presence of gay people, and Schumer brought attention to the gender inequalities present in society. There is juxtaposition between how Schumer and Degeneres successfully produce progress for their respective fields of influence. Whereas Schumer pushes gender equality by being controversial, Degeneres pushes gay rights by being appealing.
In film and media, there are “a slew of stereotypical roles for girls and women to
(willingly or not) play throughout their lives,” which is both extremely limiting and demeaning.
Unrealistic scenarios are constantly created so as to “[magnify] the gendered expectations [of female characters]” in order to fit the “[distorted] real world conditions that exist for women”
(Ames, Burcon). These societal norms for women in media have

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