Different Methods Of Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency And Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder characterized by depression, which occurs around the same time every year (Partonen, 1998). It is hypothesized that being deficient in vitamin D is a reason for having seasonal affective disorder. We have researched four different methods of preventing vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder. The most used methods of achieving adequate vitamin D levels were found to be indoor tanning, natural light, light therapy and vitamin D supplementation. This research is important because it affects the well-being and quality of life in every day people. During this project, we will assess which of the following four methods: indoor tanning, natural light, light therapy, or vitamin D supplementation is the most effective way to treat seasonal affective disorder.
When looking at seasonal affective disorder, the environment where someone lives greatly affects their depressive symptoms. As stated earlier, distance from the equator has proven to add to the significance of people with depression in the winter months. A study was conducted to see the difference in the rate of depression searches using the internet based on global location. The study compared the United States with Australia, given that the U.S. lies in the northern hemisphere, and Australia in the southern hemisphere. The two countries have greatly different climates, with Australia remaining warm and sunny through most of the year. The results took into account the…
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