Different Methods Of Running A Case Study

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Rebecca Adams is a second grade girl who struggles with reading, writing, and maintaining attention. A case study was developed revealing these symptoms indicate that she may be suffering from dyslexia and a mild attention deficit disorder. The case for this diagnosis must be proven and explained in order for the education committee to take further action. A case study is an in-depth study of one person; usually it takes into account almost every aspect of the client’s life or history, in order to analyze different patterns and behaviors. Case studies are used in multiple ways, sometimes a person will try to generalize the case to a larger population. This option is not used very often since findings have shown to be mostly subjective to the individual person. The other use of case studies is more for counseling purposes where the patient has a specific problem and they take the person’s history in order to solve it or create a treatment plan specifically for this person. There are two different methods of running a case study the first is prospective which involves observing the client(s) for a certain amount of time to determine outcomes and notice progression of symptoms. For Rebecca a prospective case study was used in order to watch her mental development. The second method is retrospective; this is where they look into the individuals’ historical background in order to determine the sources of a disorder or disease. This is a very common psychoanalytic approach since
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