Different Models Of Behavior Change

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In this assignment I will be explaining two models of behaviour change that have been used in recent national health education campaigns, I will be explaining what the campaigns are about, how they target particular audience groups and why. Most health education campaigns are to educate the community on how to lead healthier lives, why and to live for longer, this is done through trying to educate them to change their unhealthy life styles or habits and chose healthier opinions. The first national health education campaign I will be explain is the ‘Change4Life’ campaign this is run by the Department of Health and began in January 2009 and it is a public health programme in England. This campaign was created to tackle the causes of obesity and it is the first national social marketing campaign in the country. The reason behind Change4life was to help adults and families to change their diets, alcohol consumption and activity levels in small and maintainable ways to help them to improve their lifestyle. They use the slogan ‘eat well, move more, liver longer’. Change4Life is a NHS campaign to battle obesity in the UK as it is a growing problem especially in children. This was to help families and their children to do things like eat healthier meals and exercise more to increase weight problems and prevention of any illnesses like type two diabetes. The campaign is based on the television, posters, leaflets and internet. The website offers healthy recipes that are fun and shows
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