Different Models Of Collaborative And Preventive Health Care Emerging Essay

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The AHRC Framework: Care Coordination Ian Kowalski Farmingdale State College As part of a growing trend many countries, including our own, have been using the Triple Aim approach to improve healthcare. The Triple Aim is to improve a patient’s experience of care, to advance population/ community health and to lower per capita cost. It is no secret that health care expenditure is rising. Healthcare cost per capita in the United States is twice or more than the average of other developed countries. In this cost is what many healthcare providers find to be avoidable expenditure There are several different models of collaborative and preventive health care emerging. A few examples are integrated care, patient centered medical homes, hospital readmission reduction programs and coordinated care. Care coordination is the organization of patient care activities involving, but not limited to, facilitating, tracking and reviewing the delivery of health care services.( Coordinated health care, is composed of a high level of collaboration and communication among health professionals, keeping primary care providers as the gate keepers and utilizing care managers.. Coordinated health care involves sharing of information among team members related to patient care and the establishment of a comprehensive treatment plan to address the biological, psychological and social needs of the individual. The health care team encircling the primary care
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