Different Models Of Diagnosis And Treatment

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Throughout the course of history, medical practitioners have utilized different models of diagnosis and treatment which have encompassed a variety of factors. For instance, the biomedical model was used for decades as the primary way to diagnose and treat illness; this model focused on effects of anatomical, biochemical, and neurophysiological irregularities. However, since this model failed to integrate the importance of the social, psychological, and behavioral components, the biopsychosocial model was later adopted so that it could be consistent with the general system theory, which states that systems affect one another, causing changes in one system to impact others. Additionally, through the biopsychosocial model, there is a clear…show more content…
When Ms.P comes to the primary care office complaining of abdominal pain and I was given the opportunity to conduct the patient- centered interview, I would first start out by saying, “Hi Ms. P. I am Sree Lanka, a first year medical student, and my supervisor and I will be taking care of you today. I will be conducting the interview, through which I hope to get some information to help you feel better.” In addition, I would make the situation more comforting by sitting down, smiling, and reducing any distractions present. To make sure Ms. P knows that I am attentive and am there for her best interest, I would also maintain eye contact and use a proper tone while speaking. By setting the stage, a member of the health care team ensures that the patient has a sense of trust and value. The patient- centered interview is not only important for diagnoses of disease, but it is also crucial in improving a patient’s general welfare. After setting the stage, it is important to derive a chief concern as well as set an agenda. By indicating the amount of time available, summarizing the goals of the interview, retrieving all the complaints the patient has, and finalizing the future course of action, a health care professional can effectively set the agenda. In Ms.P’s case, I would state, “We have about 30 minutes together
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