Different Nursing Theories

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Care for patient: the core concept across nursing theories Introduction There are numerous nursing theories and as the nursing profession grows, more and more theories are introduced. Ferreting for one core, unifying concept that is common across all theories is harder than initially assumed, but, if one reduces all to its core basis, one finds that al revolves around the patient and around attempts as to how to make the patient's life easier and better. To that end, therefore, the common element can be reduced to care of and adherence to patient. This essay will evaluate four nursing theories and demonstrate how care of patient is a common, and reducible, element of all. Theories will be approached in terms of their concept statements, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual models. And concept definitions amongst the selected theories will be compared and analyzed. 1. Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Model As much as 50 years ago, the nursing profession agitated around the fact that nursing simply did not meet the criteria with which it was originally initiated and revolutionized by Florence Nightingale. Nursing was supposed to be an idealistic profession structured towards care and healing of patient but with growth of technology and modernization of world that lead to disenfranchising of emotions with scientific empathies on healing as opposed to phenomenological quality of relationship to patient, many leading practitioners worried that nursing
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