Different Outlooks On The Bible

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In my life I have had a couple different outlooks on the bible itself, but only one outlook of God himself. As a child I was the youngest of three children and atop of it all, I was the only girl. I had rough upbringing, a father that was never there unless he had to be in order keep us out of foster care and said I wasn’t his; “he found me under a rock”, because he only produced boys, and a mother that “always promised to change”, but was in and out of abusive relationships, was addicted to drugs and alcohol and influenced her children to follow her footsteps. My brothers in deed did as she persuaded due to their own self will, but I on the other hand did not. In order for me to just get through each day, I went to school and spent my days afterward at our community church. I owned a bible, a beautiful white one with gold edges and I treasured it, it went everywhere with me. I believed in the words written in that amazing book for the longest time, up until I started asking questions that could not be answered. From the age of 6 to 13 I was deep in religion and loved it in every way. When one church would turn me away because of my thoughts and question’s, I would find another to join, though soon I quit having to look. During one of my mother’s apparent brief sober times, we started our own church for the homeless. I felt blessed, and believed that my mother was redeemed by the Lord and that things would change, well they didn’t. For only three short months later my mother
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