Different People Have Different Perceptions of Belonging Speech

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“Different people have different perceptions of belonging” speech Bridgette Ferrier Good morning year 12 and thankyou for coming. Today I am here to discuss with you how “different people have different perceptions of belonging” through the analysis of Peter Skrzynecki’s poems ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ and ‘St Patrick’s College’. As well as my own related texts, My place Episode 2. So what is belonging? Well perceptions and ideas of belonging or not belonging vary. These perceptions are shaped within personal, cultural, historical and social context. A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, place, group, communities and the larger world. Within Peter Skrzynecki’s poems, and My Place I will discuss with you…show more content…
Peter is not sure where he is going to get off the train even after “eight years” this repetition emphasises the dullness of the routine of his school days. The repetition of “for eight years” also tells us that Peters experience at St Patricks college was a drag. For eight years Peter went there, playing, catching trains and wearing his “Blue, black and gold” uniform, and even though he felt he didn’t belong it was his identity for the eight years. The tone of this line is negative. The motto and metaphor “let you light shine” contrasts peters experience at St Patricks college where his “light” did not shine and he felt like he didn’t belong unlike most other students after finishing school they feel part of the school. The poem has a circular structure which occurs when we revisit the image of our lady at the end of the poem where our lady hasn’t changed at all. “unchanged by eight years’ weather.” this represents Peter’s unchanging feeling of not belonging over the eight years. Apart from the reference of playing “chasings” there is no sense in the poem of Peters schooldays being perceived by Peter, as most school kids perceptions of school time, of friendships and associations with teachers. Peter Skrzynecki uses imagery though his poem to express his personal perception and emotions and helps you the audience empathise with him. The perception of the image of “our lady watched… her face overshadowed by clouds is meant to
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