Different Perspectives of Human Resource Departments

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As I was doing my research and going through loads of articles and factsheet about Human Resource Development, I came across these different perspectives about HRD. For example, DeS-imone& Harris (1998:3) make the comment that ‘Human Resource Development is a relatively new term, but not a new concept'. McGoldrick and Stewart (1996:1) tell us that 'HRD is a relatively new concept that has yet to become fully established and accepted, either within professional practice or as a focus of academic enquiry. The role of HR based from CIPD Personnel Standard Lead Body states:“To contribute to the short and long term success of organisations, by forming and managing the environment in which people’s individual and collective contributions are maximised”. Human Resource Department is also dependable for making human resource policies that will help an or-ganisation demonstrate, both internally and externally, that it meets requirements for diversity, eth-ics and training as well as its commitments in relation to regulation and corporate governance. For example, the correct allowable leave of absence of an employee or other benefits, it will normally be necessary to meet provisions within employment contracts. The establishment of an HR Policy, which sets out obligations, standards of behavior and document disciplinary procedures, is now the standard approach to meeting these obligations. HRD (Human Resource Development) also focuses on different psychological needs for human
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