Different Philosophies And New Discoveries Have Created A Foundation That All Nurses Work

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Nursing has evolved from voodoo and magic to a systematic process of sterile medical procedures. Views on Nursing as a career and who performs nursing duties have all changed in time. Different philosophies and new discoveries have created a foundation that all nurses work from. No matter what philosophy one believes in, it is fair to say all have one thing in common, taking care of ones in need.
History goes back to the classical era where Egyptians were known to have remedies that would cure sickness with the use of lizard’s blood, swine’s ear, putrid meat and fat, milk of lactating women, and excreta of donkeys and lions (Masters, 2014). In this time, experiencing illness was a punishment for some act of sin (masters, 2014). The Greek Era, brought treatment of sickness rather than viewing sickness as a punishment of a sin (Master, 2014). Hippocrates played a huge role on how there is a relationship between humans and their environment. He wrote Air, Water, and Places, which detailed the relationship between the two and was considered a milestone on the connectedness of the web of life (Masters, 2014). The Roman Era brought mobile war nursing units to care for the men who went to war (Masters, 2014). The Middle Ages is the era deaconesses began (Masters, 2014). This is what we would refer to as nurse today. In 1798, Edward Jenner discovered vaccination against smallpox, Psychiatry developed as a separate branch of medicine, and instruments such as watch and…
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