Different Point Of Views On Parenthood After College Life

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The purpose of this research is to inform readers about the different point of views on parenthood after college life. This research is conducted with varies of sample and their own opinion on what they want to and work based on after finishing their careers. In this paper will have additional research based on other sources that will relate to it. This will have varies sample of answers and how they feel is effective in their life. Keywords: college, parenthood, employment, work Planning Your Future Will Vary When it comes to people who are attending college, the next step is what you are going to do after college. A million and one questions will arise once you are close to the finish line. It is a never ending questions that many people do not want to hear or even answer. Nine times out of ten, some people do not know the answer, it all depends what classification you are in. If you are just entering college, then that is acceptable because you are just starting out and want to just focus on your school work while maintaining your GPA and scholarships (if any). However, if you are ending in your junior year and senior year, you need to have an idea on what you want to do. Especially, if you are in your spring semester. Time will fly and soon before you know it, it will be your graduation and you still do not know what you want to do. Then, when people ask students these questions they will get offended, but deep down inside they just want the students to get ready for

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