Different Psychological Approaches Of Health Practice

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P2 Explain different psychological approaches to health practice.
Behaviourist approach-
The behaviourist approach is a classical conditioning and an example of this would be in a hospital. An individual who has a phobia of being in the dark but this can be helped as they can be shown that they are able to overcome it and they are shown techniques to control it. For operant conditioning a child at the doctors who need an injection, I the child lets the nurse or doctor give the injection they are normally rewarded with a sticker and even balloons. Another example would be within the health and social care setting such as a school for behavioural problems with the operant conditioning of the behaviourist approach can be used. When the child behaves they can be given a reward then this will lead to being conditioned to behaving in a certain manner as they know they will receive good out of it. Social learning approach-
The social learning approach is an observational learning for example in a hospital setting, the nurse could pretend that she is having the injection so the baby won’t be scared anymore, when this is done the baby would see this and think it doesn’t hurt or she can distract the baby. For the role model theory in a hospital a junior is observing the consultant while he speaks to patients and watch how they carry out certain procedures so they can do the same. But when employees fail to follow the behaviours that the leaders are trying to approve there must be…
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