Different Reseach Domains Within Journalism Study

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Different Reseach Domains within Journalism Study By James Xu 21503974 Introduction Journalism is the product of the rise of media industry in more recent years. As journalism and social life is inextricably linked together, it has tremendous impacts on social, political, economic, cultural and many other fields in people’s daily life. Scholars in various fields of journalism and study named this relationship as “the medium of the ecological environment” Scholars tend to look from different angles and then focused their attention on a more thorough level, and build their own theoretical point of view or ideological system. This is what is known as the research domain. The research domain is clearly different from the scientific paradigm in the study of journalism research. But it does affect the direction of the development of journalism and limits the content of journalism study and research, And even lead to theoratical debate between researchers. For instance, how to look at the relationship between the media and the government or ruling party? News organizations what should be the cause of the nature or corporate nature? Is the form of media is less important than the actual content? Is it true that the content media determines its form? Circulation and ratings can not be used as a standard to determine the medium of the pros and cons? Are the governments allowing to meet the citizens“ rights to know ”, the reporter 's right to coverage? Or they just intended to

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