Different Research Methodologies For Health And Social Care Setting

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In this assignment I will be comparing different research methodologies, which might be used in health and social care setting.
We use research in health and social care because this helps to explain the methods of social science research, projects usually involve investigating peoples feeling, perceptions and also attitudes. In a laboratory-based environment, research is usually linked into diseases and disorders by using tissues and chemicals for example. This is more likely to be based on scientific method until the research needs to involve members from the public.
Quantitative Research
“Quantitative research involves numbers and measuring quantitative or amounts”. (Whitehouse, M, 2010:425). Methods that involve quantitative data may include measuring someone’s weight and height to calculate their body mass index, they may want to find out whether an individual is at a healthy weight. The researcher may want to find out how many individuals there are in a particular category such as smokers or non-smokers. Quantitative research also requires the use of specific measurement instruments. Measurements can be reordered on a chart this can help to find out how small variations between the individual using charts can help to add up a more noticeable change over a long period of time, for instance measuring someone’s body temperature, this may change over a day. Having multiple-choice questions, with specific answers can help produce data that can be analysed questionaries’…
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