Different Roles And Responsibilities Of Healthcare Professionals

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This activity is based on different roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals and seeing what we can and cannot do as a pharmacist. First, we were divided up into groups of four and given a specific healthcare occupation to look up as a team. Our group was given occupational therapy and we had to look up their roles as an occupation therapist, the scope of practice and what contributions they provide to the healthcare field. We had to answer these questions in a limited amount of time and after we did, we were divided up again into bigger groups. Groups of around ten were given the task to put our information we had about our specific healthcare occupation on a poster. Our group decided that we would create a poster with a…show more content…
I do not think this was very useful, but at least we finished. I think my team did very well, especially with the time crunch we were put under. We split up the work in order to complete the activity. Everyone did his or her part that showed up for the activity. We were missing a few group members so that slowed us down. After the activity was completed, I felt like I did not gain as much knowledge out of the activity as I would have hoped. I thought I would know more about the different roles and responsibilities of different healthcare professionals but I did learn a little. The previous activity that we did a couple weeks ago taught me that I am a born leader and that I have to take initiative. The activity this week just reinforces that concept about myself. I had to assign the roles, delegate the problems and follow up with solutions. Overall, I feel like what I learned has increased my abilities as a leader and that I need to keep doing what I am doing. After completing the IPE Core Competency this week about roles and responsibilities, I want to improve on my knowledge of different healthcare professionals. I feel that this will be beneficial because I would be a better pharmacist if I knew more about their profession. I am going to improve this by talking to people in their profession or students that are becoming a healthcare professional. There are a large number of physical therapy and occupational
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