Different Roles, Regulations And Principles Of Both A General Nurse And A Speech And Language Therapist

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In this report I will be contrasting and comparing the different roles, regulations and principles of both a general nurse and a speech and language therapist (SALT).

Entry Requirements
To become a SALT it is essential to study a degree course. The minimum entry requirement for most universities is four Scottish higher passes and it is recommended to have English, one science subject, maths and one foreign language. (GCU, 2015) An alternative to attending university is an access course. However, it is necessary to have evidence of study before applying. The duration of SALT at Glasgow Caledonian university is 4 full academic years. (GCU, 2015)
To become a practising nurse it is necessary to complete a bachelor of nursing degree. To enter this course at Glasgow Caledonian university the applicant would need a minimum of three Scottish highers at BBC. Biology is a recommended subject to have. The duration of this course is three academic years. (GCU, 2015)

Maintaining registrations
Once gaining the necessary qualifications to practice as a SALT, practitioners must register the Health and Care Professions Council. (HCPC) To begin registration with HCPC applicants must complete a HCPC certified program. This is offered at many universities. As part of being registered with HCPC, SALT are required to show evidence of continuous personal development (CPD). This includes a detailed up to date folder of independent CPD study. CPD activities must relate to or…
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