Different Schools Of Thought Of Classical Management Essay

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Three schools of thought of classical management in management:
Classical theory emphasis on increasing employee efficiency at work. It focuses on increasing employee productivity, specialization of work, centralization of decision making and profit maximization. There are three management the
Scientific management theory:
This theory was formed by F.W Taylor who is known as father of scientific management. This theory focused on increasing productivity by increasing employee productivity. It focuses on organization of work at work place and staffing so that men, material, machines should be able to work in coordination with each other and high productivity to achieve organization goal. This theory help business to carefully select the workers with required skills, provide them training so that they can achieve efficiency and effectiveness in work.
Strengths of scientific management theory:
Training at work provide employee ready to achieve high degree of accuracy at work.
Specialization of work.
It introduced new scientific method and replaced the rule of thumb.
Increased productivity and reduced the cost.
Very costly: to have such organization structure required a lot of capital.
There is autocratic leadership of manager.
It creates unemployment for starters who don’t have any skill and want to work and learn.
Administrative management:
This theory was given by henry fayol it focus on management and improvement of business operations and management for
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