Different Security Policies And Guideline And How They Are Needed

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In this report I will be talking about different security policies and guideline and how they are needed in an organisation. The first one I will be talking about will be the disaster recovery policy, what this policy is basically about is that the organization will have so kind of plan or strategy put in place for things like natural disasters for example floods, fire, earthquake and things like theft and major human error that can cause major data loss, which and ultimately impact the organization security and the functions the organization provides. What this disaster recovery policy might have in it is if a natural disaster or a virus enters the organization one police can be to basically move all the data to an off-site location…show more content…
This disaster recovery will have major benefits as if things happen it will not affect the organisation that much but if a disaster recovery plan is not but in place it could shut down the business. The advantages of the disaster recovery policy is that it reduce the loss of data because the organisation back up there data early so if a disaster occurs no data will be lost. Another thing is an organisation can use an offsite place to back up data. The disadvantages of the disaster recovery plan policy is that when the organisation is having daily backups it is costing the company a lot of money to have them in place , as it will always need someone to look and maintain this recovery plan. Another disadvantage is that when the backups are happening it can ultimately slow down the system and affect the employees work as it will take more time to do their tasks.

The next policy I will be talking about I will be explaining is code of conduct this is a very important guideline in an organization that all the workers has to obliged to the guideline, to try and improve the organization security, there are many policies put in place by the organization so the employees follow the code of conduct guideline one policy is installation this policy is about that employees can’t install software on the organization’s computer, they are not allowed to install it
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