Different Self Assessments Of Our Leadership Styles And Personality

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Throughout the duration of the course we have talked and taken many different self-assessments of our leadership styles and personality. The one we are to focus most on for the beginning part of this assignment is the VIA character survey. This survey was 120 questions long and is meant to tell you the traits that are your straights and weaknesses. We also talked about the Myers Briggs personality test in detail and the individual or collectivism scale. The results of my VIA character survey were somewhat surprising to me. My top strength according to the survey was Humor, meaning that bringing a smile to other people is important to me. Being socially intelligent and my kindness followed this trait and came with little surprise. Having a top strength in social intelligence means that I am aware of the motives and feelings of others. While being kind is basically the act of caring for people and wanting to help individuals. My lowest strengths within the VIA character survey were my Spirituality, or lack of, my humility, and my ability to forgive. My lowest scoring trait is associated with having a high feeling of purpose within religion. Having a low level of humility means I am not a humble person with regards to my achievements. My final lowest strength according to the VIA survey was forgiveness. This shows that I have difficulty forgiving those who have done wrong onto myself. The results of my Myers Briggs personality test were the traits of extraversion,
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