Different Server Roles of Windows 8 Server That Can Help Kudler Fine Foods

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As Savill (2008) points out, "Windows Server 2008 is designed around certain roles and features. A role is a primary duty that a server performs." Therefore, the managers at Kudler Fine Foods need to understand what they hope to get out of their server before determining the roles they will apply to Windows Server 2008. Some possible roles for the server include domain controller, for example. There are a number of different possible roles available to install. These include the following, according to Savill (2008): Active Directory Certificate Services. Active Directory Domain Services. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services. Active Directory Rights Management Services. Application Server. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server. DNS Server. Fax Server. File Services. Hyper-V. Network Policy and Access Services. Print Services. Terminal Services. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Services. Web Server (IIS). Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Of these roles, Kudler Fine Foods can take advantage of many. The most obvious for day-to-day use include Fax Server, File Services, and Web Server. Web server is important because it "enables sharing of information on the Internet, intranets, or extranets," (Savill, 2008). A fax server will allow Kudler Fine Foods to accept faxed orders, as well as communications from suppliers. This will allow the company to ensure inventory

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