Different Sides Of Education : An Important Part Of One 's Life

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Different Sides of Education Education is vital, in fact the most important part of one’s life. Getting a higher education is very important in order to live in this world. Nelson Mandela, a politician, said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (BrainyQuote). When it comes to living a successful life, I live by this quote. I believe experience is something that will change one’s life. Throughout out our school career, we have experienced something that changed our lives in many ways. In life, we all know something that has changed the way we perceive people and events. The most meaningful events that have changed our perceptions can be the experiences that we have gone through and learned from. If we do not experience the world, we would not learn anything. Most importantly, we are affected by our experiences, which impacts our lives. We are experiencing so much and building our knowledge to get our degree. Yes education is a necessity in life, but there are other knowledge that we can learn from outside of school such as, from our family and the community that we live in. Education is something that will teach one how to make good decisions. I believe in order for people to live and survive in this complicated world, they need education. Having a good education will make one look more professional because they will know what they are doing. Most importantly, it will earn one more money and in today’s world money is everything.
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