Different Solutions And Goals Of A Criminal 's Actions Essay

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In the correctional system today, there are different solutions and goals of a criminal’s actions. For example, you have rehabilitation, incapacitation, restitution, restorative justice, and deterrence. Even though they all have a different meaning, they all have something in common which is punishment of a criminal. Depending on the criminal and their actions determines which solution of punishment they will receive. What is rehabilitation? In the book, Corrections Today by Larry Siegel and Clemens Nartollas, rehabilitation is defined as, changing an offender’s character, attitudes, or behavior patterns so as to diminish his or her criminal propensities (20). When you see the word ‘rehabilitation’ you automatically point out the word ‘rehab’ and rehab means the process of helping someone become healthy again mentally, physically, and emotionally (Merriam-Webster). Therefore, if a criminal is rehabilitated it is because the people of higher authority believes that the criminal deserves to go through a program to make their mind right again and they also deserve another chance. However, not all criminals are granted that option. Another solution of punishment is incapacitation. Incapacitation is when offenders are isolated because of the protection of society. This basically is meaning they get placed in prison or some type of correctional facility to prevent them from committing more crimes in the future or also if the criminal is a threat to society. According to
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