Different Sources Of Information And Forming New Facts

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Research in the media industries is investigating different sources of information and forming new facts to suggest innovative outcomes. Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research are the two main methods of research. The different types of research methods carried out by the creative media industries are: Audience, Market and Production Research. Market research is the process of gaining the relevant information to identify the demands of any gaps in the market. Questionnaires are frequently used in order to collect this information. The questions used in these must be carefully thought out to ensure that you collect the anticipated results so that the business meets its demands. The results gathered allows producers to make decisions…show more content…
Production research also requires advertisement. Internet, TV, Newspaper and Radio are sources of publicity and all have different target audiences. Advertisements can increase potential customer’s awareness of the product. However, they may lose interest if it has been advertised too much. When good research has taken place it allows companies to have the opportunity to improve and become better than their competitors. Viability is the ability of a product. Good research at this stage means that companies will be able to establish whether or not the product has potential in the market and whether it will succeed or not. Audience Research is the process of finding out who your target audience are for the product you would like to develop. Age, race, ethnicity and gender are the segments often used to identify group audiences. Audience research must be done so that the producer of has a better understanding of who the target audiences are. Audience research can be conducted using surveys, questionnaires, magazine reviews and focus groups. Internet forums have been very effective in audience research as customers tend to state what they like about a product, what they have expected and what they have been disappointed about. Purpose of Audience, Production and Market Research The purpose of audience research in the media industry is to decide on whether a product will be acknowledged by a group of people based on their age, race, location and gender
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