Different Stages Of Development Children Go Through Essay

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Sensitive Periods
Have you ever wondered how many times a child can repeat an activity or a song or an action without getting bored? When I was working as an assistance teacher at our school, even I used to get questions from parents about why children are repetitive in some things at certain stages. These types of questions will be answered if we all understand the concepts explained by Dr. Maria Montessori regarding different stages of development children go through.
Maria Montessori believed that children pass through different phases in which at certain stages throughout their development they have a predisposition or sensitivity to learning a specific skill. These stages are called ‘Sensitive Periods’. Each period lasts for as long as it is necessary for the child to accomplish a particular stage in his development. These periods of sensitivity are transitory. They only last for a certain duration of time. Some sensitive periods run parallel, some overlap and some succeed each other. When the goal of the period is accomplished, the special sensitivity simply falls away. In other words, it reaches its peak and dies away.
The concept of Sensitive Periods in a child’s life will remain forever as Dr. Maria Montessori’s greatest discovery. Even though the concept was first used by a famous Dutch biologist, Hugo de Vries in connection with animal development research, Dr. Maria Montessori was the one who found similarities and applied the concept to human development
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