Different Standard Of Polyvalent Antivenoms And Improve Quality Of Treatment Patients

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In order to compete with the existing standard of polyvalent antivenoms and improve the quality of treatment patients are currently receiving, we assembled criteria that would guarantee the creation of the most efficacious and safe product to combat envenomation. These criteria are the following: 1) The product must target many venoms. 2) It must have limited side effects. 3) It must have low toxicity. 4) It must be scalable and cost-effective. 5) The product must stimulate the immune system. The platform technology we have created satisfies all of the criteria. Our design is a DNA Origami-Aptamer-CpG complex that has the ability to target may different types of venoms. Though the specifics of the technology will be explained more in depth later, the basic concept will be explained here. Our innovative design is binding several aptamers, along with CpG motifs to a DNA Origami scaffold. This construct will increase stability and allow for our product to be an immunostimulant. The expectation is that Polymamba will be injected into the bloodstream, neutralize the venom, and stimulate the immune system, which will allow for the elimination of the complex from the body. The science behind the product will be explained in further detail in this section. The first step in constructing the DNA origami-aptamer-CpG complex will be creating the DNA origami scaffold. DNA origami scaffolds “allow the arrangement of thousands of nucleotides with sub-nanometer precision at specified…
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